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Spray Tan trial no.1  – Naked Tan Natural Spray Tan – Golden Tan 8% DHA

Two weeks ago I visited Kelly of Perth Tans at her apartment and we got straight down to it.  Kelly showed me into a room dedicated to her crafts and after checking which tan I wanted Kelly disappeared to prepare the spray while I got undressed.  Kelly had offered me a disposable g-string but this time I opted for a pair of trusty black bikini knickers and no bra.  It’s mildly strange stripping down for a complete stranger but in the world of beauty it’s perfectly normal.

Kelly was back and after I put on a disposable hairnet and some shea butter cream on my feet, palms, elbows and knees it was time to be sprayed.  Shortly after starting I realised I wasn’t going to be able to protect my face, mist goes everywhere so we put a disposable hairnet over my face.  I’m having IPL hair removal and IPL skin rejuvenation at the moment and no spray tanning is allowed as it may cause my skin to burn.

Kelly takes you through the robot moves as she sprays and it’s done in long strokes, I felt the spraying was very thorough and well executed.  Kelly left me to dry off for a few minutes and then I got changed.  I have a lovely loose organic cotton tracksuit I wear for spray tans.  My spray tan felt light and only very slightly sticky. My spray cost $25.00.

I waited 6 hours for the tan to develop and then had a light shower as recommended by Kelly, before changing into some comfy PJ’s and hitting the sheets.   The next morning, I felt for 8% DHA the colour was quite dark and it seemed like one or two areas had been sprayed a bit more than others resulting in a slightly uneven colour across areas, but overall it was a pretty good result.

2 weeks on and the spray tan after a good skin scrub a few days ago is finally gone.  I believe with diligent twice per day moisturising it could last up to 8 days in reasonable condition.  The first 3 days the tan looked great but the colour is too bronzed looking for my wedding day.  For Brides or those who are wearing white, I found this spray tan didn’t rub off onto my clothes at all and only very slightly onto a white bra I wore, so this was good.

At about the 4 day mark the tan was deteriorating slightly; white scratchy looking patches appeared on the insides of my elbows and under my arms, and the tan did not fade well overall across my body.  I am thinking this could be because I wasn’t totally diligent with moisturising.  I don’t want my spray tan to wear like that into my honeymoon so I’ve decided it’s not the right spray tan product for me.

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