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My marriage proposal was expected and unexpected!

The man and I have been together for over 9 years and well last year it simply felt like the right time to start thinking about tying the knot.  So we went ring shopping for me and when I couldn’t find anything I loved I decided to have my ring made.  It was the best decision ever and I adore my beautiful delicate vintage style ring.  I think it’s a timeless style and suits my tiny fingers.

My E Ring

my engagement ring

We finally picked up the ring in late November 2010 and it was so bad because I just wanted to desperately wear it!!!  Unfortunatey for the man I gave him an ultimatum – propose by Christmas day!

Lucky for me he knows me too well and thought the only way to surprise me was to wake me up very early (5am!!) one weekday morning out of the blue and proposed to me on bended knee!  I was still half asleep and was like what?!?!  Poor man had to repeat the proposal and I managed to croak out a sleepy yes!  It was a definite surprise!

So on the 4th December 2010, we were officially engaged.