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Today was my third visit for an IPL (Intense Pulse Light) hair removal treatment to my upper lip area.

Before my first visit, I was quite worried about the pain factor, but there was nothing to worry about, it’s virtually painless.  The only cause for discomfort was the shock of the light which makes me flinch the first few times and the intensity of the heat in some areas.  I think most women would find waxing more painful.  Once the therapist starts the procedure and the first pulse is over, it’s fine, you get more and more used to it.

After the first visit, the hair gradually grew back and because you have to shave the area to be treated first, I think it looked worse than before I shaved it.  I was worried about this too, was this treatment really going to work?

Before I shaved the upper lip area for today’s third visit, I inspected the area closely and the hairs, particularly the darker ones are quite diminished.  I am actually seeing real progress – a reduction in hair growth after only two treatments so this is heartening and encouraging.  My therapist today, Amy also checked to see how it was going and was pleased to hear about the reduction.

Initially I thought it was a fantastic idea to start the IPL hair removal treatment before my wedding but in hindsight I would have delayed it until afterwards and waxed instead.  I think this is also a result of completing the IPL through a different salon to my usual one, because they don’t offer it and so i’m not being treated by a sole therapist who is managing my pre-wedding beauty plan.  My reasons for wishing I hadn’t started IPL before my wedding include;

  • I only had 5 months until my wedding at the time of starting.  This sounds like a lot, but I had to wait 6 weeks after my first treatment and then I visit every 4 weeks, so it’s a drawn out treatment timeframe.  In the meantime, other treatment options are minimised.
  • not being able to properly test spray tans (can’t have my face sprayed with fake tan or tanning of any kind) until literally the month before my wedding and i’ve finished 6 IPL treatments.
  • not leaving enough time to complete a course of microdermabrasion and lead time to reduce skin sensitivity after the IPL treatment is complete (I have 5 weeks after my last IPL treatment until the wedding).

Overall, in my personal experience I would recommend IPL hair removal before your wedding day, however you need to decide how important it is to you vs. other kind of treatments like skin rejuvenation, laser, peels and dermabrasion which may be limited during your IPL hair removal treatments and how long you have until your wedding day.  You need to decide the treatments that are best suited to your beauty needs and wants in the lead up to your big day.

I visited Body Wisdom Contour Clinic, Mount Hawthorn for my first taste of IPL through the purchase of a voucher at my own cost from OurDeal, they offered $99 for $550 worth of IPL Hair Removal from any area.   I have found them to be very professional and efficient and they provided a hair removal fact sheet which answers all the important questions and covered important information.