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Om Nom Nom Nom was the sound today after we visited Babycakes in Tuart Hill, WA today.

I’ve always known I’d choose Babycakes, whether I was selecting a wedding cake or one of their delectable dessert style offerings, the latter of which the man and I decided on today.

I’m a coeliac, which you can read more about here, and I needed some kind of gluten free dessert option for me, so finding a cake baker who does this, and does it well without major cross-contamination from gluten products is sometimes tricky. I first met Sarah, the owner and chef behind Babycakes at a gluten free cooking class held at Upper Crust in West Perth and I’ve bought macarons from them since.  Sarah definitely understands gluten free and cross-contamination so this gives any person on a gluten-restricted diet a feeling of relief.  The other cake baker I contacted in Perth was Cupid’s Delight as I was considering the iconic Faye Cahill Bird design but decided against it since we’re having a cocktail style reception and i’m trying to stay within budget.

So we visited Babycakes and I’d already chosen their dessert style wedding cake option called Barbara Wedding so we just needed to chat with Sarah and pick up some yummy morsels for tasting.  We’re going without the top cake to avoid a cake charge fee at our venue and we added 10 extra little morsels instead.  We’ve also chosen a circular stand instead of the square, i’m still not sure about this, but I think uniformity in a dessert bar helps bring it together.

Photo Credit: Babycakes

The man devoured all the little sublime delights we bought to sample (7!) when we got home and declared them all delicious so we’re including all of them!  I’m also ordering plenty of Macarons to put on the dessert table.  They have some new flavours Blackcurrent and Baileys we’re yet to try, to add to their current flavours; Vanilla, Mocha, Raspberry, Lemon, Lime and Mars Bar.  I can’t wait to see some on my new Vintage Style 3 Tier Cake Stand.

March 28 b
Photo credit: Versoix

I’m still deciding whether to include other mini sweets on the dessert bar/table, maybe some luxe Rochelle Adonis Nougat and some handmade chocolates and truffles.

Stay tuned…