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My first day of wedding dress shopping was during a weekday and I went on my own.  There is great benefit in shopping on your own because you can solely focus on the purpose of finding your dream dress without distractions and other opinions.  I ended up booking appointments with four different bridal designers and boutiques spread throughout the day.  This was two more than I had originally planned, but it just happened that a few bridal boutiques where in the same area and it made sense to visit them.

Hobnob Beautiful Brides

My first visit was at Hobnob Beautiful Brides in Highgate. I highly recommend visiting this boutique, they have an extensive range of dresses and tailoring options and the service, in my opinion was exceptional.  I had visited here as a Bridesmaid before and it was the same experience for my friend.  I had the amazing Daniela help me during my appointment, she was so knowledgable and very honest, and worked really hard to find the kind of style that looked amazing.  I tried on a lot of dresses here as I had no idea what the styles would look like on me.  This put me in good stead for future appointments, because I could immediately tell if the dress style would suit me or not on the rack.  I spent about 1 hour and 45 minutes and found a stunning white dress, that I loved.

Samantha Wynne Australia

My second visit was with the lovely Samantha at Samantha Wynne Australia at her cosy new premises in Mount Hawthorn.  Samantha is a long time designer and sat with me and asked me to tell her about my wedding plans.  Based on what we discussed, Samantha chose some gowns and I started trying them on.  We’d tried two or three and they were beautiful, but not yet the one!  Then I spotted a very different dress (can’t describe it too much) and asked if I could try it.  We could see instantly this dress was amazing, it had such wow factor and Samantha said “I think we’ve found the girl for the dress” which makes me laugh now, because that’s what it’s like from her perspective and she was totally right!  I left feeling very excited and could not stop thinking about the dress, a sure sign it could be the one!

Bridal Affair

My third visit was with Raylene at Bridal Affair in Mount Hawthorn.  Their range was totally different to the first two retailers I visited, they had more classic popular styles and I think this was a good thing because I was exposed to different styles of dresses and was keeping an open mind.  We tried on about 4 dresses and the third dress was definitely special.  It fitted perfectly and looked stunning in classic ivory A-line with a very unusual fine pleating in the train and hoop area.  It had a lovely brooch under the breast area which they had added and it really lifted the dress.  My reservation with this dress was the hoop style and length of the train and moving around with it.  I’m not having bridesmaids and loads of helpers on the day, so this was something I had to seriously consider when choosing a dress.  I hope someone finds that dress because they will look and feel beautiful in it.

Anastasia Collections

My last stop for the day was at Anastasia Collections in Mount Hawthorn.  The lovely salesperson, Tida asked me about my wedding and what I was looking for and then let me choose some dresses to try.   One dress I quite liked, but it just wasn’t wow and a bit more than I wanted to pay, so I decided I wouldn’t revisit the dress as a possibility.  This store offers a custom designer service, and with only 3-4 months to go this is a wonderful offering for local brides who want the couture made to measure option.  They also have a new bridal hire department opening soon, so that’s a fantastic option for budget savvy brides!

If you are an indecisive fashion shopper, my advice is not to visit more than 1-3 bridal retailers as you could find a dress in all three stores that you love and the more you look, the more dresses you have to make a decision about.  I’m a fairly decisive shopper, I know instantly whether I will like it or not, so for me visiting several stores was a no brainer, that’s just the way I shop, the way I find my perfect outfit.

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