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My search for wedding stationery began (again) seriously a few months ago, which considering I’m sending the invitations out in November, is probably leaving it a little late but I haven’t encountered any suppliers informing me I’m running late.  My decision was to leave the stationary for a while and more importantly, to see how my wedding theme and styling evolved before I chose the stationary, which was a good decision for me.

So in June, I logged onto Etsy and started searching initially for a Save the Date option, which I’ve discussed here.  At the same time, browsing the ‘shops’ also led me to many wonderful choices in stationary, so I added a few ‘favourites’ to my Etsy account and continued to wait and see how my plans progressed.

In the meantime, I contacted a few of the sellers of my favourite selections on Etsy and requested a sample PDF to print.  90% of the sellers obliged and were very helpful.  One seller, which sadly was from Australia and I will not name, provided a black and white PDF of their simplest design which to my mind was somewhat pointless when 95% of their designs were colours and patterns.  I requested a colour sample but was refused.  I respect their position but this was disappointing and I ended our contact there.  I made a decision early on in my wedding planning that when the exchanges with a supplier became dissatisfactory, move straight on, because there’s someone better waiting to help you.  This approach has helped me to continue moving forward with my plans when customer service has failed.

I’m pleased to say I finally made a decision on my stationery, and will shortly be enlisting the lovely Sarka at Citrus Press Co. to create my custom order.

Sarka provided a sample exactly like what you see in the pictures of her Etsy shop and it printed the best of any of the other samples I printed.  I think this may be to do with the image quality, but my advice if you are planning to use a printable stationary option is to obtain a high quality PDF or image sample and print it on the printer you intend to use, and the kind of paper you like.  I printed it on my home printer on some metallic paper and this gave me a really clear idea of what the finished product would be like immediately.  If I wasn’t happy with the printing finish, I could try a friend’s printer or arrange to have it printed professionally.  The printables then need customisation and tweaking with papers and colours from there.

In preparation for my custom order, I decided to visit Starfish Lane on Thursday and investigate what my paper options were for printing the stationery and envelopes for mailing.  I found several pale toned papers including some lavender/lilacs for a total of around $6 and asked about ordering envelopes.

When I returned home I went ahead with printing the invitation sample from Sarka onto all the papers i’d chosen.  I then proceeded to compare two at a time; the best went into the compare pile and the worse went into the no pile and I continued comparing in this manner until I was left with 3 papers.  One paper stands alone, an off-white good weighted card with a distinct fleck sparkle, and the other two are classic shimmer metallic in a crystal white and lavender, but not the kind of shimmer where it becomes hard to read – another discovery about some papers.

The next part of my preparation was to take my three paper samples and print Sarka’s colour chart on the other blank side (the other side I printed the sample invitation) and this would allow me to see how all the colours printed on that particular paper.  This was very helpful in matching the true printed colour result both from an aesthetic view on the papers and to help match with my overall wedding colour scheme.  I found that the heavier card with the fleck sparkle seemed to absorb the ink well and gave a crisper and clearer result than the shimmer metallic which gave a slightly misty look, but it still looks great.

So my stationary decision is Citrus Press Co’s lovely Birdcage|Lovebirds Invitation Suite with the colours Lilac and Amethyst to replace Tangerine in the sample.

The next step is to decide on what stationery peices I need and contact Sarka to discuss and hopefully prepare a custom order! It’s a huge happy moment when you make a big wedding decision!

Birdcage Wedding Invite/ Love birds Save the Date

Citrus Press Co - Birdcage Wedding Invite/ Love birds Save the Date

Citrus Press Co

My Colours - Citrus Press Co Colour Chart