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My stationery designer is located in the US (via Etsy) and they have different stationery and envelope sizes to Australia.  We use the paper size International standard ISO 216, whilst the United States and Canada use the US Letter format.

My Invitation Envelope size is;

US: A7 (Besselheim) 5¼× 7¼” | 133.4mm × 184.2mm
AU equivalent: C5 162mm x 229mm. A5 or Half A4 page. Not Post Office Preferred.

The Response or RSVP Envelope size is;

US: A1 OR 4 Bar, 3 5/8 x 5 1/8″.  | 8.5cm x 13cm
Au equivalent: 11B Envelope 90mm x 145mm | 9cm x 14.5cm
– Small envelope usually used for RSVP cards. Fits without folding into DL, C6, 16cm square and C5 envelopes.  This is the smallest Post Office Preferred envelope. Anything smaller incurs extra postage charges.

If you are ordering stationary from the US, such as via Etsy you will need to check the stationary sizes and work out corresponding envelope sizes.  I converted the inches size to mm and then checked the International sizes for the best match.

When I visited Starfish Lane and asked about envelopes, they informed me they could order C5 and 11B envelopes to match some of the paper ranges, but I would need to order a mininum of, or lots of 50.  This will create some envelope wastage and they are quite large and small so I don’t think I can use them for the thank you cards.  I may have to sell the excess on Gumtree.  I can buy cheap white 11B envelopes from Officeworks, but they won’t match the stationary paper and then it looks a bit cheap against the beautiful papers.  I need to think further about these, research purchasing options online and maybe see if my wedding stationery designer can create a postcard RSVP instead.

Eleanor at e.m.papers offers two free US size envelope templates for DIY, in

Format Dimensions (in) Dimensions (mm)
A2 (Lady Grey) 4⅜ × 5¾ 111.1 × 146.1
A6 (Thompson’s standard) 4¾ × 6½ 120.7 × 165.1

A2 is closest to our C6;

C6 114 × 162 A6 (or A4 folded in half twice)

A6 is closest to our B6;

B6 125 × 176 C6

I am not sure if Australia Post like hand-made envelopes, they would probably have to be hand sorted vs. machine, but with overseas mail coming in and out of countries I don’t think there are any issues in using them.

If you have any envelope alternatives or ideas, let me know!