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You can plan and triple check your wedding day down to the last detail, but anything can happen regardless of your special day, so if you are as pedantic as I am you’ll consider having contingency plans to ensure you keep calm and carry on.

Umbrellas – If you have booked transportation, check with your vendor as they often have some umbrellas stored in the car.  These can make a great prop for photos too.
Outdoor venues – Have a backup plan, identify a backup ceremony location and a rough plan of how guests could be informed of location changes.  If you are having an outdoor reception, seriously consider having a marquee tent to remove the threat of wet weather.
Wedding shoes – consider bringing some alternative wet weather footwear in your emergency kit, this could be anything from gumboots to a pair of boots, depending on what season your wedding is held and what the location is like.

Hair / Makeup Artist
Trials – hair trials are absolutely essential if you are having a veil or hair accessory.  By having your hair stylist fit your veil or hairpiece with your hairstyle and securing it correctly, you will feel confident it won’t fall out on the day.
Confirm – confirm your appointments within a week of your special day to ensure that your vendor is on track
Makeup – bring makeup of your own, and ensure you have some good quality makeup and products like eyelash curlers and primer on hand to make up your own face if necessary
Hair – bring your own hairdryer/straightener/curlers, clips, pins and elastics so you have the right tools to do your own hair if required.
Multi-talented vendors – My hair stylist is also a makeup artist, so whilst I have a separate makeup artist doing my makeup, my hair stylist will act as a makeup backup on the day.

Confirm – confirm your appointments within a week of your special day to ensure that your vendor is on track
Contact – keep in contact with your florist, even get in touch the day before or the morning to check your flowers are coming together.  This will also help ensure your expectations are kept in check if substitution flowers are used.
Worst Case – your florist has not delivered and there’s no answer?  Enlist a trusted friend or family member to ring local flower shops for urgent assistance.  You will probably pay a premium, but an expert florist can assist with key flowers like posies, buttonholes and even centerpieces in a very short timeframe.  Consider enlisting two florists if necessary, one for posies, buttonholes and ceremony flowers, and one for the reception flowers.  Alternatively send a friend to a florist to buy flowers and have them put together some simple arrangements.

Photographer Absence
Standby – Have a standby camera ready, fully charged and empty cards ready for photos.  Allocate this task on the day to a family member or friend.  This is better than having no photos at all and random ones taken by guests.

Vendor doesn’t turn up
I absolutely insist on having a vendor list with contact information on hand for your big day.  What will you do if the wedding cars are 10 minutes late?  Will you know the business name and their phone number?  Provide a copy of your vendor details to your bridesmaids and/or a close family member.

Emergency Kit
Essential in my mind to smooth over any incidents like spots on your dress, running mascara or a hairstyle that falls apart.  Spare shoes and Super Glue will also be brilliant if your new heels break.  Soda water and wet wipes will help clean up your dress from any mishaps.

These little backup ideas may seem like extra hassle, but they could be the saving grace of your wedding day and keep your stress levels in check.

Rebecca xx