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I thought it was high time I showed you my engagement ring.

White Gold, half rounded band with smaller diamonds to half width and with claw set shoulders.  The centre setting holds a Round Brilliant cut diamond, raised to allow more light into the diamond and allow it to really sparkle, surrounded by a hallow of smaller diamonds.


Whilst I would have loved a bigger diamond, we felt the bigger it was the harder it would be to wear in a practical sense and it would look too big on my small fingers and hand.  Because I had the brilliant cut diamond sit raised above the surrounding hallow, I had them sit that whole part very low to the band.

I found the whole wedding ring shopping experience a bit depressing at first, firstly because a lot of rings are your classic style of a plain band with a princess or brilliant cut diamond, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, they just didn’t suit my tiny little fingers, at all.  They looked big.  Secondly, because i’m into natural and organic food, beauty and health products and as a supporter of animals rights, I wasn’t totally happy about the diamond mining and most of all, the fact that a lot of our diamonds are cut overseas in Indian factories, often by children.  This is a reality, but at the end of the day, it does provide them with income.  Lastly, I didn’t feel happy with the eco options, in terms of design.

My first interest was with Moi Moi fine jewellery, who had just opened their store in Carillion arcade.  They offer Moissanite jewellery, instead of traditional real stones like diamonds and sapphire, and it’s a highly comparable eco option at a more affordable price.  I won’t go into details, visit their website via the link above, but in real life, the jewellery is stunning and I’d definitely consider buying it for dress pieces in the future.  If you are looking for classic style rings with a decent size rock on a budget, I’d highly recommend visiting them.  The problem I had was I couldn’t get through to them exactly what design I wanted, even with pictures, a vintage, delicate, intricate style design.  They don’t have any designs that came close to what I was looking for, and this made me feel nervous about the end result, so I decided not to purchase my ring though them.

So we kept looking.  Rosendorffs were, well I thought awful; overpriced and extremely pretentious.  The lady refused to write down the information about a ring I liked and then when I went back to look at it, they couldn’t find my ‘card’ with the details on it so I had to be shown similar rings until I thought I’d found it.  Solid Gold were a front runner for their diamonds, we went there twice, but again, their heavy designs made me feel concerned and again I had trouble conveying the style of ring I wanted, because they had nothing so delicate and detailed in the showroom.  We then stopped in at Charles Edwards Jewellers and for the first time they had something similar to what I wanted.  Unfortunately, Charles told me the design was too delicate and wouldn’t withstand wear very well.  So what was the design being offered for?  What a party pooper.

Moving on, our final stop was at Koro.  What a relief.  The amazing pieces in this store were exactly what I wanted, different, delicate and because they are made in Perth, a full custom design service is offered direct with a jeweller (we saw Michael).  We picked my diamond and then designed it using other rings and sketchings.  It was so very exciting!  We also had a custom matching wedding band designed at the same time, and I can also have my anniversary ring for the other side of the wedding band custom made next year to match in.

Much advice was sought from friends and the one I took the most from was that I should just get the ring I really want 🙂

I love my e-ring, it’s better than I could ever have imagined.