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Spray Tan trial no.2  – VersaSpa by Magic Tan Spray Tan Booth – Light

Yesterday I visited Chrysalis Body and Beauty in Wanneroo, WA for a spray tan in their VersaSpa™ by Magic Tan spray tan booth.  I was actually pretty excited about this trial, because my experience with Magic tan in a booth before was very good.

I arrived and entered the open and inviting salon.  I completed some details and read through an extensive checklist about the spray tan, safety, etc before signing and handing it back.   I was taken straight through to the back of the spa and into a small room that houses the spray tan booth.

I have previously had a booth spray tan before in Queenstown, New Zealand at Hush Day Spa for a friend’s wedding; my friend the bride, her sister and myself – her two bridesmaids, all had a spray tan and found it to be excellent.  They use Magic tan and I found it lasted a long time and faded naturally, not too patchy.  I had Light and used the prep and moist spray that they offered.  I was keen to see if the great results would be similarly replicated.

I was provided with a clean black towel, moist towelette and shower cap.  The booth was started and programmed for a light colour, 4-pass and a multi-session.

VersaSpa offers 3 colours, Light, Medium and Dark.  The light spray tan is best suited for fair skinned people who are after a healthy glow. The medium spray tan is suited to most skin types, but apparently fair skins can wear medium quite well. The dark spray tan is only suitable for those with dark complexions who are after a deep bronzed colour.  4-pass is where the booth sprays front, back, side and other side.  You can do a 2-pass where it just sprays front and back.

A multi-session is when you combine 2 to 3 spray tan options in the one spray tan session. The Versaspa spray tan booth has the added option of preparation gel and a moisturiser to enhance your spray tan. The preparation gel neutralises any pH imbalances in your skin which may affect your spray tan. The moisturiser enhances the quality and longevity of your spray tan. You can custom tailor your spray tan session to include any combination of these spray tan options.*

I was then left to shut and lock the room door.  I got fully undressed, which I think is a huge plus for these booths, it won’t matter what underwear or bathers you are wearing, there will be no bikini tan lines.  I put on the supplied shower cap and because I’m not spraying my face I put it over my ears, but generally you would leave them out, it’s just to cover your hair.  I checked the movements chart to refresh my memory about the stances for the 4-pass.

I then applied barrier cream thoroughly to my hands and feet.  By thoroughly, I mean I worked it in between my fingers, in the webbing, the cuticles (my fingernails and toenails are currently painted), the knuckles, wrist bone, ankle bones, soles of my feet, palms and I doubled dosed, so I effectively did my hands, my feet, my hands, my feet.

I had brought my own fabric hairnet to put over my face (IPL safety and paranoia), the fabric allows me to breathe and protect my face from spray, putting a plastic one of your face is not that fun and a bit creepy!  I had also applied shea butter and then zinc sunscreen to my skin before leaving home and this creates a good barrier to any that may get through the fabric.

I stepped into the booth and stood behind the red line as I was instructed to.  You then press the green button directly in front of you to start the session.  Voice instructions are played.  If you are having a spray tan only, then the voice instructions will talk you through 4 spray tan passes so you receive spray tan from 4 different angles.  I was having the multi-session, and had 3 different sections to my spray tan session, first was the preparation gel, it sprayed moving downwards onto my front, then I was told to move stance, so I turned with my back to it and it sprayed upwards, then it dried my back and then I turned for it to dry my front.  Next was the spray tan, front first, then back, and the two sides (stop sign pose).  I don’t think it matters what order you do these in as long as all four angles are sprayed, and then it air dries you again.  My third session was moisturiser, on the front and back followed by air-drying on the back and front and then it proclaims that’s the end of your session.  You may need to press the green button to start each of the requested sections of your spray tan session.

I stepped out of the booth onto the mat and checked the post spray instructions.  I removed my face net first and then the shower cap.  I decided to use the moist towelette to clean up my hands and feet first, before getting dressed (they advise getting dressed first), but I felt this ensured I would be as dry as possible before getting dressed.  I didn’t need to use the dry towel hardly at all, except to wipe my hands and feet after using the towelette and I think it’s best to touch the spray tan as little as possible.  I got dressed (no bra or underwear at all – trialling this) and was ready to leave.

My experience at this stage was very positive.  The booth was excellent.  It’s automatically cleaned after your spray tan so it’s not sticky and smelly.  I had no problems with spray going everywhere and not being able to breathe or anything like that.  When I got out of the booth after my sessions I was actually about 85-95% dry already and my skin was not sticky at all, it feels only slightly damp and was dry and normal within a few minutes, which is frankly amazing.  The solution they use is clear so initially you don’t see any colour, and it develops gradually, I love this, I’m not a huge fan of the bronzers in spray tans.  The tan on my skin doesn’t really smell like anything, if there is, it’s an extremely mild smell.

I left at 11.30am and at 2.30pm (3 hours) I used a wash cloth to clean my face and neck.  My neck was fully sprayed but removing the tan after only 3 ours means it will blend more naturally from my unsprayed face to my fully matured spray tan on my body.

It is recommended by Magic tan to wait 4-6 hours for the tan to develop, I waited 6.5 hours since I chose Light and had a quick shower.  It still looked very light at this point so I hoped the colour developed more.

It did, this morning I have a healthy glow and I am thrilled with the results.  The tan is even and you would have no idea from my hands and feet or anywhere that I’ve been spray tanned.  My neck has blended seamlessly with the colour.  I do wish I had chosen the Medium as it’s my surprise hens on Saturday and I’m wearing a white dress, so I might have to top it up with some gradual tanner.  I could consider going on Friday and get resprayed again, apparently it builds on the existing tan really well.

I am definitely using the VersaSpa™ by Magic tan spray tan booth for a spray tan for my cocktail reception in Perth, and i’ll decide the colour closer to the date.

Update Friday 23rd Sept – 4th day
On Friday evening I did a colour top up on my legs using the light to medium Dove, just to add some extra colour and because I shaved my legs in the morning. The overall tan was very faded by the 5th day – Saturday.  If you want a light glow, go for Light if you want some colour because you are wearing white or want to look a bit brown go for Medium.  I have had no problems with streaking, patchiness or anything like that, so I highly recommend trying it for yourself.

For more information about VersaSpa and Magic tan visit their website; http://www.magictan.com.au and check out an Instructional video for VersaSpa on YouTube below, perfect to watch before you go for your spray tan.


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