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I recently started IPL skin rejuvenation on my face to treat pigmentation, you can read my review and experience so far here.  Today I’m providing an update and some photos.

I had my third IPL skin rejuvenation appointment last Friday and this time Erin upped the intensity again, my skin is tolerating the increasing intensity really well, no swelling or major redness or anything like that.  The aim of the increase is to really start breaking up the pigmentation.

After my second treatment, and again with my third treatment, that very evening, tiny little black bits appear on pigmentation, randomly across my face.  Some are as small as pinpricks and others are slightly larger and clustered in dark pigmentation.  These dark spots simply then disappear and this occurs over a period of 1-2 weeks after the treatment.

As a result, the darker bits leave behind normal looking skin cells, or significantly reduced pigmentation.

I have some pictures, now we have a really old camera which we’re shortly upgrading and the man struggled to get the same distances, but we did our best.

The two pics on the left were taken 23 July 2011, the day after my first treatment and the two pics on the right were taken 17th Sept 2011, the day after my third treatment.


You have to remember that when these photos are taken, it’s the day after a treatment so my pigmentation is really showing and can look worse.  If you look at the first photo and the last photo I think you can see how in the spots the pigmentation is breaking up and the top spot, the worst, which was quite raised has flattened quite a lot and is paler.  After my third treatment I have a lot of little dark bits in the middle spot, so this will improve more.

I’ve found that foundation is covering my face better, and at the three-week mark after each treatment my skin sort of glows, it looks really good.  I will try to remember to post a photo in about 3 weeks so you can see the difference.

I am getting a fourth treatment in October and maybe hoping to fit another one in before the wedding, or I may go with a couple of microdermabrasion treatments to clean up my skin a bit more.