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I finally picked up my fascinator on Monday.  I am not entirely sure how I feel about it at this stage.

It’s growing on me, but I feel it may seriously pale against my dress because of its size.  I may have to change my hairstyle to suit it which I’m not thrilled about.

It is very elegant and petite and it matches my dress perfectly, it has the same colour fabric, tulle, lace, beading and was made by the designer of my dress, which is pretty special. But.



It’s nothing like I imagined my hairpiece would be and of course, any kind of ideas or expectations about something like this causes disappointment.   I think I expected something bigger, with more tulle (did they hear me mention birdcage?) and a bit more wow like my dress.

I expected something more like this…

Silk tulle tattered blossom comb- The Mathilde

Silk tulle tattered blossom comb- The Mathilde | mignonnehandmade on Etsy

or this..

Ophelia Plus Sabine

The Ophelia Plus Sabine Hair Flower | Serephine's Shop on Etsy

Someone shake me and tell me I’m being an idiot.