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Some best girlfriends have organised an intimate surprise hens for me tonight.  I’m so excited!  I was invited to pack an overnight bag with a dress, bathers and booze!

I feel so privileged to have such wonderful and thoughtful friends.  I haven’t had to think about it at all and what a relief amongst the wedding jumble in my head at the moment.

I thought I’d share a list of Hen’s ideas I’ve compiled, there is something for everyone’s tastes.

Sexy Sketch
Artist Rayni Bonne will capture your curves just so. It’s a special gift your hubby will treasure. Unframed charcoal, colour pastel or oil, paintings start from $250. Try The Artful Hen.

A Pink Party fit for a Princess
Think pink icing on cupcakes
Pink Balloons
Pink Jelly Shots
A Pink bride’s t-shirt saying Get Pinked! I’m getting Married!
Pink cocktails
A Pink limo to transport you in style
Endless Pink Options!

To make a pink birdcage veil for your classy hen, find a pink headband, cut some pink tulle netting to fit accordingly and glue or try using hemming tape to attach it to the headband.  Dress it up with a strip of sequins, a flower or feathers which could be sewn into the fabric or attached to the headband.

Check out these fabulous ideas and a pink birdcage tutorial over at Polka Dot bride.

This vintage style birdcage is cute..

Vintage 1950's Pink BIRDCAGE Veil Hat | JLVintage

A Gambling hen bash
Consider having a dinner at a restaurant and then heading into a Casino for a flutter.  Only play what you can afford to lose.

Pamper Party at a Day Spa
What a fabulous way to spend quality time relaxing and being pampered with your besties, or a great way to kick off an intimate hens night with a manicure or pedicure to make you feel gorgeous.

Themed party
If you are on a budget, organise the hens at a friend’s house and choose a theme to get everyone in the party mood like 70’s disco, Charlie’s Angels or even have it on Halloween night, hmmm pink witches?

Lingerie and Sex Toy party
For the adventurous, invite a party plan consultant to host a lingerie and sex toy party to get your evening pumping!

Winery Bus tour
Always a fantastic option for those around wine regions, consider wineries, breweries, distilleries and even stopping into some foodie spots.  My big tip is to arrange some small platters at a winery or brewery stop around lunchtime, and then have a mid-afternoon lunch stop.

Pub/Bar crawl with a twist
Why not arrange a bus that has Karaoke and play games to get everyone involved, and stop at pubs and bars including a Karaoke one.

Artistic Life Drawing class
Bring out the sexy artist within and arrange a life drawing class with a nude male model

New Age party
If you have an alternative bride, why not engage her with a tarot card reading or have an astrologer do her chart.  A great feature to spark everyone’s interest.

Upgrade the Kitchen tea party
Book a gorgeous high tea experience to take all the hard work out of your hens and this is a great one to include mum’s and family in.  I recommend Rochelle Adonis.

Burlesque party
This is an amazing way to make everyone feel special.  I recommend Sugar Blue Burlesque’s hen parties.  Customise the theme and occasion to your bride’s tastes.