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I never thought I would get into the sort of details for my own wedding like special toasting flutes and a cake knife and server set but they are wonderful pieces that will make our day feel more special and we’ll continue to use them long after our wedding day and I love that.

Toasting Flutes

I ordered these simple, yet stunning flutes to celebrate with on our wedding day from Peter’s of Kensington.  They were the best price I found in Australia at $169.00 and priced better than Crystal Classics.  Everywhere else they are priced around $250, which was more than I wanted to pay.

Love and Romance Toasting Flutes

Love and Romance Toasting Flutes

Waterford crystal is designed in Ireland and so it seemed a fitting choice with my Irish heritage.  These flutes are 24% lead crystal and are 28cm in height with a 120ml capacity.  I love the height of these flutes, it lends them real elegance.  They arrived today in a beautiful black velvet lined case as a set of two.

Cake Serving Set

I didn’t want to spend much on a cake serving set and I haven’t really liked any of the ones I’ve seen from Vera Wang, Kate Spade, et al, so I also purchased this Whitehill set from Peter’s of Kensington for $27.00.  They look quite traditional, but also very elegant and timeless.

Made from shimmering, mirror-finish silver plate, the set includes a Cake Knife and a Cake Slice. The Knife features a sharp stainless steel blade that will slice easily through even the thickest mud cake, while the Cake Slice has a flat server that has been engraved with an ornate design and finished with serrated edges – perfect for cutting dainty slices of your favourite baked treats and serving them for your guests.*

Whitehill - EP Kings Cake Knife and Slice Server Set

Whitehill - EP Kings Cake Knife and Slice Server Set 2pce

The handles of each piece are decorated with the traditional Whitehill Kings pattern – a unique carved design of swirling lines and leaves that glimmers in the light. Reminiscent of old-fashioned antiques, these handles give the set a certain English elegance that is synonymous with the Whitehill name.*

Personalised Ring Bowl

Our personalised Ring Bearer bowl arrived today from Paloma’s Nest in the US.  It is so unique and different.

I ordered a custom ring bowl, with silver leaf around the edge and the words: ‘Two Branches, One Tree, Our Wedding date’ with a little tree motif.

I will probably try to find a very thin blue ribbon to string though the top as my something blue.

I currently use a small olive oil dish to hold my rings, and the custom ring bowl will replace that on my dresser.