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Spray Tan trial no.3  – Organic Eco Tan – 13% Ecocert certified Natural DHA

I recently visited Lynette Nickell at Lauren Wood Makeup and Spray Tanning in Dunsborough.  You can read more about my makeup trial and the beautiful new salon here.  They have a fabulous dedicated space for spray tanning in the salon.

Lauren Wood Dunsborough - Spray tanning space

Lauren Wood Dunsborough - Spray tanning space

Lynette is offering a few different spray tan products at the moment, Aviva Labs, Aussie Bombshell and certified organic Australian Eco Tan.  Loving all things natural and especially organic I chose Eco Tan for this trial.  Lynette explained to me that Eco tan is 100% certified organic product containing 13% Ecocert certified Natural DHA with no petro chemicals, parabens, animal derivatives or fake dyes and the colour is from cacao (chocolate) bean which reacts naturally with your own skin tone, so there is no green, orange or red bases.  It is truly like a natural tan for your skin.

The most amazing thing about this tan which Lynette shared with me was that at The Sydney International Spa & Beauty Expo they were spray tanning pregnant women!  It is considered that safe. The active ingredient in the tan is dihydroxyacetone (DHA), from a non-toxic type of sugar.  Read more about this on their blog.

I was offered a disposable g-string and hairnet which I used and a hairnet over my face because I’m still having IPL Skin Rejuvenation.  I brought my own cream which I applied to my hands and feet, and a little on knees, elbows and the inside of my elbows.  Once I was prepared, Lynette came in and started the spray.  You stand on some butcher’s paper which is great because there are no sticky feet during the whole process.

Lynette talked me through various poses which gave good even coverage but keeps it light around the chest area.  The technique was very good, the colour is perfectly even across my body.  Lynette then blowed me with the hose to help me dry off.  It does have a slight stickiness this tan, so I was glad to be wearing my trusty black track suit.  Lynette pointed out the lack of smell,  it doesn’t smell like a fake tan at all which is a very nice change.  My tan cost $35.00.

Eco tan is sprayed on at 13% DHA strength which sounds scary but the effect is totally in yours and mother nature’s hands, 8% colour equivalent is achieved by washing off after 4 hours and you can leave the tan on longer for a deeper colour, up to about 8+ hours.

I waited 4.5 hours for the tan to develop and then had a proper shower were I used soap/gel and washed my hair, it was a thorough shower.  You can immediately see the tan washing off you in brown rivulets of water.  My intention was to stop the development of the colour and ensure no colour transfer occurred.

Before Photo – after 4.5 hours development time


After Photo – after a thorough shower


The result was fantastic.  It’s a beautiful natural colour, you would have no idea I had a spray tan.  It’s the best manual spray on tan I’ve tried so far.  There was no colour transfer onto anything, towels or underwear so no worries with your white wedding gown if you wash it off thoroughly.  The only thing I would do differently next time is to use a heavier barrier cream on my hands and use a wet wipe on them straight after the tan to remove the colour, it went into the cracks of my skin and aged my hands a bit.  Apart from that, this tan is a fantastic product.

It’s 6 days since the spray and the colour is still holding really well, and I haven’t been 100% diligent about moisturising every day either.  There is no patchiness, the colour is just gradually fading at the moment and I think it will take at least another 5 days to fully disappear.  I would recommend this spray for 2-3 days before your wedding to let the colour settle a bit.  If you are really pale, with a pink tone try washing it off after 2 hours, or if you have pale with a yellow tone like myself you can wash it off after 3 hours for a light colour or 4 hours for a healthy glow.

I am excited to see how this tan fades, if the fading continues to be gradual with no patchiness, I think it could be perfect for my wedding day and to take it on into my honeymoon.

Lauren Wood Makeup and Tanning Studio Dunsborough is located on Naturalist Terrace in Dunsborough, open 10-5 Monday to Saturday and 11-3 on Sunday. Ph: 08 9750 5014.