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We’ve started running – interval walking and running to really help burn fat and I needed a better bra to handle the impact of pounding the pavement, and I thought why not share it with you.

I felt like a real berk jogging up and down in the changeroom but it’s the best way I found to see if the bra really does what it says – or not.  The bounce factor is number one for me, then comfort.

I tried several bras, two from Triumph and endorsed or worn by the Australian Netball team but they just had too much bounce factor, a bit better in the comfort area though.  For some reason, I found more comfort may equal less support when trying the different ones.

I chose several Berlei bras to try as well, since I’m a Berlei lover (and if you aren’t, what’s wrong with you?!) but found the Ultimate Performance with a support factor of 4 – the absolute best.  The jogging on the spot bounce test was the clincher – very reduced impact, no other bra could beat it.

Berlei Sport: Ultimate Performance bra

Berlei Sport: Ultimate Performance bra

The support factor 4 means it reduces bounce by over 60% and by using the cross back you receive an extra 10% reduction, making it up to a 70% reduction in bounce!  Impressive.

The comfort factor is where this bra may lose some people.  I am willing to have the bra feel very closely fitted, with underwire, 3 eye hooks on the back and an extra clip strap for the middle of your back which makes you feel like your boobs are strapped in for one hell of ride.  I wish they had a picture of the back to show you.  The MP3 pocket looks handy, I haven’t had a chance to test run it with my little shuffle yet, and it has an in-built heart rate monitor holder.

This bra is a bit pricey, but it’s totally worth the extra cost.  I’ve test run it now a few times and I don’t even notice my boobs at all, I don’t have to worry, they’re taken care of and I can focus on the exercise.

I think this bra is designed for girls who want serious support and are doing high impact activities.  It’s a winner for me, a good balance of support and comfort, I bought two!  My advice is make sure you choose the right fit for a sports bra and that brings with it more comfort, so you don’t have to compromise on bounce.