As a bride to be with 3 weeks until the big day, my stress levels are slowly increasing and the muscular eye tick is going off like a kid in a candy store (note to self take more magnesium and eat more greens!).  I haven’t cried – yet, not even close, so I’m doing wonderfully!

I was discussing it with my IPL Skin Rejuv. therapist at my last appointment, how when you set the wedding date and start planning, the to do list is for things like the ceremony venue, the reception venue, the dress, the guest list, all those major points that you need to cover and then as the planning progresses all the little details start to kick in, like how are you going to decorate the ceremony, and do we need a bonfav?  Then it gets worse with decisions like should I buy the rose petals for the aisle myself, how much will that cost, how could I transport them, how long will they last, when will I set them up and does this save me enough money for the effort, or should I pay extra and let the florist order them and setup?  Will the florist get it right?  The details and decisions become endless for a bride like me who wants everything to be perfect and so I make it hard for myself, I know that, unlike the bride who tells the florist, yes I just want red roses and it’s done.  Oh some days how I’d love to be like that.  I’m so not though and instead I need to deal with the consequences and manage them.


I’ve been trying really hard in my mind to literally keep calm and carry on, it’s become like a mantra.  Whenever I feel myself becoming anxious, worried, stressed, even when I felt pangs of panic, I squash them all and say it’s fine, it’s all okay, just keep going and it will all get done.  It does seem to work, the list is getting done.

Here’s my top tips to Keep Calm and Carry On in the lead up to your wedding day:

1] Mental Willpower
Seriously, its mental willpower to slow yourself down and tell yourself it’s going to be okay.  When you feel stress approaching, tell yourself to be calm, focus and carry on with the tasks at hand.

2] Be Organised
I know this seems obvious, but there is lots to get lost in with weddings and I’ve found keeping a running list of wedding tasks and to-do’s has helped me focus on what I need to get done each day, each week and each month.  Ticking them off makes you feel really good too.

3] Delegate
Yes, friends and family do love to help and it could be something small, like I needed a portable table to set my petite cake up on with a white tablecloth and my mum sorted it.  I must admit I felt slight panic when she rang and told me she’d already found and bought the tablecloth.  Trust.  Love you mum.Rosie the Riveter Poster - 16x20 Mini Poster Print

4] Let Go
There is so much amazing inspiration and ideas for weddings and it’s hard to let go of your long loved ideas, but sometimes things don’t come together or finances don’t allow you to carry them out, so let go of some of your ideas and ambitions for the day, or opt for less all-consuming ones.  There is no perfect.  There is no ready.  Let go of the oversized expectations, and pick a cake design.  Trust me you will feel happier for it.

5] Surround yourself with calm and supportive people
Keep away from demanding friends, talk to the ones who love and support you, make time for them and connect with your wedding day vendors, I highly recommend meeting with them before the day.

6] Make time for Calm
Make an appointment for a special beauty treatment like a massage or a scrub, or visit a friend and DIY a pedicure with a ban on all wedding talk, or listen to a 10 minute meditation on your Ipod.  Do something for you to lessen your stress.

7] Eat, Drink, Exercise
This is obvious isn’t it?  Eat well, drink water, limit alcohol and get plenty of cardiovascular exercise.

8] On the Day
Be an example of calmness, hang out with your girls, have a champagne, bring a joke book and read out bad jokes, play some tunes and relax while you get ready!  Go with the flow and focus on what’s important, and sharing that with your bridesmaids will put them in the right mindset to help you make it happen.

9] My mantra for the day
‘Relaxed Bride’ will be my mantra for my day.  I will still get married and it will be wonderful and it won’t *really* matter about the rose petals.