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I thought I’d update you on my wedding shoe decisions, if you recall from my wedding shoe shopping post I liked a few options.

Wedding Heels

This was a really hard decision for me in the end so I took the man and we chose together.  He was so sweet, he said I could buy the black lace ones and the ones I finally chose so I had a choice for the day.  I’m the financial controller so I said thanks – but no, we need to be realistic.  I finally decided on Corvala in Mushroom from the Nina for Novo bridal collection from Novo Shoes.  I had subsequently tried the Corvala in black as well, but decided black wasn’t suitable for me, it’s my wedding day.


Nina for Novo Bridal Collection: Corvala in Mushroom

They are super comfortable with a decent 4″ (9.5cm) heel height and I chose size 8 which is slightly larger than my normal 7-7.5 size because it felt more comfortable and I can fit in some gel liners.

I was still unsure of them until Monday when I had my first dress fitting, I brought along a pair of silver strappy shoes I own as well with a similar jewel embellishment in the toe area, just in case the Corvala Mushroom ones didn’t work, I was worried about the colour.

The dress has a charcoal element in the beading and so somehow the shoes worked with that and the overall colour.  No-one will see them anyway unless I lift my dress up.  So they were the right choice, phew!

Wedding Day Flats

After meeting with our photographer recently for a final meeting before the big day, Ros, the wife of our photographer Stephen,  suggested I bring some comfortable flats or something similar for parts of the photo shoot.

I haven’t fully decided what to wear for this yet, I would really like another pair of sandals/thongs from the Giselle Bundchen Ipanema collection, they are so comfortable.

Sahara LimitedI thought these ones called Sahara Limited from the Giselle Hot Sands Collection 2011 were cute in Black/Grey for $34.95 AUD.

I don’t think it matters a great deal, they will not be photographed so I can choose anything.