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I had my first wedding dress fitting last Monday week at Samantha Wynne and I felt very nervous.  I think because I had the shoes, the jewellery, the hairpeice and mum was seeing it for the first time and so all together, it made me a little nervous but excited.

Each time I see the dress on I feel renewed confidence, it makes me feel amazing.  Everything came together well, all the peices I’d chosen worked with the dress, so make sure you obtain a swatch when you buy your wedding dress and keep it in your handbag, you will really appreciate it.

Samantha likes to have her brides come in and have the hem chopped while you stand in the dress and your shoes, it’s quite confronting in a way but Samantha likes her brides to feel part of the process and feel happy with the length, and it does make you feel more at ease.

I have lost a few kilograms and the dress was loose around the bust area, so after adding in a strapless bra (to minimise alterations/costs) there is just some minor tweaking needed with the embellishment and fit around the bust.  It was worth it to pay the bit extra around the bust for a perfect fit, I will be 100% confident and comfortable in it now.  The compromise with this is possible armpit bulge, so I need to up the arm weights, tighten up on the diet and make the extra effort to walk or run every day now to shed an extra kilo or two.  It’s not essential, but it will make me feel more comfortable.  I don’t want to lose anything more than that or the dress won’t fit!

I can’t wait to wear it on my wedding day and feel incredibly lucky I will get to wear it for a second time at our cocktail party reception.

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the elements of my wedding dress…

That’s all I can reveal for now, final fitting in a week!