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The wedding day manicure is a fairly important aspect for consideration, it’s possible your photographer may take a picture of your hands with the wedding band, although this seems to be less popular than it used to be and is probably more dependent on your photographer’s style.  Even so, what about signing the registry, a shot of your hands clasped in your new husband’s, a shot of your hands on his face as you kiss, well you get the idea.

So I’ve been pondering my options for a manicure for some months now and you may remember I tried Shellac with little success.  In addition to that experience, after the Shellac removal my nails started to weaken and peel, something which was confirmed to me at a recent manicure appointment at my usual salon.  You can’t actually get regular shellac manicures and have healthy nails, eventually you will have to stop and frankly one Shellac manicure did enough damage to turn me off, goodness knows what several in a row could do.  So I went for a traditional mani with OPI which whilst the range of colours are amazing, OPI never lasts on my fingernails, today is the 5th day since my mini manicure and the polish is chipped on all but two fingernails.  I’m a Revlon girl all the way, it just lasts for me and another secret shared was that glitter nail polishes have seriously better staying power, you’ll probably need twice as much nail polish remover to remove it from the nail.  So anyway, I’m 100% decided I’m not doing Shellac for my wedding day.

So I found some inspiration a little while ago on Pinterest for a glitter french style manicure.  I loved it, a french mani with a twist!



I then had to find some glitter nail polish which is actually easier said than done.  The polish has to be clear, and it has to have glitter particles as opposed to being a metallic or one with a million tiny particles, the effect as per the pictures is significant glitter.  I was starting to lose hope until I visited Chemist Warehouse to stock up on vitamins and whatnot and they had a Revlon sale.  I found a Revlon Mini Nail Kit called Garden Party.  It contained 3 mini bottles of nail polish, including Waterfall; a metallic pale eggshell blue, Sparkle; exactly the glitter I was looking for, and Garden; a cream lime green colour.  I felt absolute Glee!

So then I found out that Mariposa in Perth had started to stock Butter London nail polish, which is pretty hard to find in Perth, and I only discovered it because it was being stocked at Lauren Wood where I had my second makeup trial.   I raced in and found the colour I liked, suitably called ‘All Hail the Queen!’ and tried a few of their other colours, they had testers which was fantastic.  I think ‘All Hail the Queen!’ is a beautiful colour, it’s a sheer metallic mocha colour.  Butter London describe it as “Rock it like royalty in this opaque, holographic beige. If you love our best selling lacquer Yummy Mummy this winter version will delight!”  When we held my swatch up to the nail colour at Lauren Wood it was a pretty nice complimentary colour match.

All Hail The Queen | Butter London

So last week I finally got around to having a play and had some fun with painting a ‘sparkle’ tip on the butter london colour, it looked very nice!  Here’s some not so great photos I took using an Apple store application called Hipstamatic on my iPhone.  It is supposed to make things look vintage, but gee it made my fingers look like a granny’s.

To show you that Hipstamatic can produce cool photos, here’s a favourite pic of one of our two Ragdoll cats, this is Levi.

Anyway, I still haven’t decided what to do about my wedding day manicure but I’m thinking of either;

Butter London All Hail the Queen on Fingers and Toes
French Manicure on Nails and Butter London on Toes
French Glitter Manicure on Nails and Butter London on Toes

Hopefully I can find some time to have another play and work out what I want!