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At the end of September we made a final planning trip down south of Western Australia to do more trials and final meetings with our lovely wedding vendors.

Libby-Jean Designs was referred to me by another wedding vendor and I also researched photos of Libby’s hair-styling from other weddings to see if her styling would fit with my desired hair look.   I achieved this by googling, browsing real weddings on Coast to Country Weddings and through local Photographer’s websites, such as the wedding of Isaac and Meri by Blakeney Photography.  I contacted Libby via email and asked lots of questions like what her experience is (21 years +) and emailed her my voluptuous wedding hair word document. Based on our email conversation and my research I decided to book Libby and then have a trial, because at the end of the day, unless the trial was a complete disaster, I felt I booked vendors who I could work with to help create the vision for my wedding day.

I’ve been collecting hair images for some time now, so eventually I had to make a decision about a style.   I chose to have my hair down, curled, soft and romantic to the side or half-up with detailed twisting/braiding or loose plaiting around the crown/head area.  Having it all to the side was my first preference and aim for this trial.

I created a Word document containing images of that style, hairpieces and fascinators I liked and also some photos of another hairstyle as potential backup.  There are a lot of photos in my Word document, so I’ve chosen the select few which were the key inspiration for my hair trial.  Unfortunately I don’t have all of the photo sources, so if it’s yours or you know about it, please let me know so I can credit.

Larsson Photography

Above is a picture of me from my girlfriend’s wedding, I was a bridesmaid and had just had my hair done in a side style.  I had layering on the ends cut in beforehand at my usual salon and I think this really helped create more interest.  I want something a bit softer than this and covering my ears.

I liked how this style covered the ears and just loved the whole look.  This bride’s makeup was the inspiration for my first makeup trial.

I don’t have any kind of layering or fringe at the moment, so it’s plain long hair.  I’ve been waiting to see what was needed until after the trial.

Very soft and simple.

Angela Higgins Photography

Angela Higgins Photography

Side hairstyles can be tricky, they need to have some detail on the side with no hair and look good on both sides, otherwise your photographer will try to totally avoid the no hair side.

I visited Libby in her studio room at her home (no travel fees for trial) and sat down to discuss the style.  I showed her all my pictures, my fascinator, my dress swatch and we talked about what I liked and Libby gave good advice on certain pictures/styling.  We also talked about my dress and how it would work with that.  I was straight into hot rollers for 20-30 minutes.  We discussed scheduling for the day and booked in a proposed timeframe of 2 hours, neither of us want or need to rush through it with just me to do on the day.

I was really happy with the hairstyle at that point, we had a few problems getting the comb into my hair afterwards so Libby needs to work it in whilst she’s styling so it’s not visible, here’s some pictures both Libby and the man took afterwards;

The hairstyle is stunning, lots of texture and detail.  Libby also used a wax on my hair to de-frizz the curls (I also have lots of flyaway bits) and hold them instead of hairspray and this worked really well with minimising frizz, but the curls fell out too quickly, so we may have to hot roll for longer and/or use some hairspray.  Unfortunately, about 2 hours after the trial ended I had developed a neck ache on the side where all the hair was pinned around and as I wore it into the afternoon, a headache was also developing.  I couldn’t wait to take it out and there were a lot of pins.  I haven’t experienced this kind of problem before so Libby’s suggestion was a simpler hairstyle, perhaps half up with some small detailing on the crown.  Libby also suggested I could have a hair trial in Perth and try out another style that way and bring the photos and some info on how it was achieved for the wedding day.

So whilst there was nothing wrong with the actual hair trial, my body decided it wasn’t happy with the hairstyle so who I am to argue.  I decided to book another trial, since I need my hair done for the post cocktail party, I thought this would be a good way to have a trial for that and try the half up style.  I’m booked in for this Friday for a new colour (I know a bit risky, but just minimising the red) and trial at Museo Salon and Spa.  I also get to see if the comb hairpiece will work with a half up style or not, and if I need to consider a different one.

Libby-Jean Designs is based in Dunsborough, Western Australia and also offers make-up.