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It’s one week until the wedding and I’m doing okay.

Last week it all felt like an absolute train wreck, starting with the long weekend from hell.  The man worked Fri (PubHol)/Sat/Sun and did 90 hours in one week and had to literally demand TIL as compensation, what a disgrace.  On Saturday morning we managed to leave home on two short occasions to get some things done whilst he was getting work calls on the mobile and then I had a car accident at the shopping centre carpark.  It wasn’t major, the back bumper has to be replaced, the car can be driven and that’s all I cared about, so I’ve been dealing with that and will finish sorting it after the honeymoon.

I then proceeded to feel sick, both of us did actually and I was useless for Monday and Tuesday and finally recovered on Wednesday and was able to run around and get jobs done, I had my front tooth fixed again (slightly chipped), dropped my e-ring in for replating and cleaning, picked up the man’s suit, picked up foreign currency and on and on.

Thursday I hired a guillotine and spent most of the day powering through cutting up all my stationary and packaging it ready for mailing.  I felt a huge weight lift after I finished.  It looks so amazing, I hope everyone loves it.

Friday I had my hair colour and hair trial at Museo Salon & Spa.  I’ll do a seperate post about it hopefully this week, it went wonderfully, but has left me feeling a bit negative about my hair trial down south and the potential outcomes if I stick with my current hair stylist.  I emailed her with my concerns on Friday and left a phone message today, no response yet.  I’ve potentially lined up a replacement who does GHD curls but can’t yet confirm her availability until tomorrow.  Changing means I will probably lose my $100 deposit.  I have to keep telling myself, it’s just the hair, but it is in all the photos and I want to be comfortable and happy about it, so it does feel like I need to place certain importance on it.

Saturday I hit up Spotlight for the rest of our photobooth props and some bits and peices amongst other shopping.  I feel like I’m more on top of the all the party setup now, I’ve made all the hard decisions and choices.  I will share more while i’m on honeymoon with some scheduled posts.

Last night we had to decide our wedding music for the video.  It is so difficult because the man and I have very different tastes.  Initially I thought we could just use the music we chose for our ceremony (that was a whole other painful selection session) but the videographer at our meeting said no, he needs songs that aren’t in the ceremony.  So another session was required last night, it took us nearly 2 hours.  Posting more about our music this week.

Today I visited Samantha Wynne for my final wedding dress fitting and I’m so happy with the dress, it fits beautifully.  The dress has been one reliable constant in the whole journey and the process with Samantha has been wonderful.

Finally, tomorrow I get to check the first 7-day weather forecast and find out what the prediction is.  It’s been windy, raining and overcast today and there is not much end in sight.  I think I’m slowly accepting it may rain, it may blow a gale and be an additional challenge on the day.  I’m trying to encourage my inner bride to embrace the weather by considering a nice umbrella purchase or two.  I can just see the umbrellas getting blown out in the wind, mascara running, and an AIPP winning photo.  LOL just kidding.  So the weather stalking will begin.

So here’s some inspiration to convey how I’m feeling right now and hopefully I can make the right choices and come out the other side of this week a happy bride to be.

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