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We are using Travel Insurance Direct for our Honeymoon travel insurance.  It’s the second time we’ve used them and we receive a small discount as a repeat customer.Travel Insurance Direct’s top tips include:

1. Photograph any expensive items you are taking on your travels such as jewellery, handbags or electronic items. Where applicable, record serial numbers.

2. Email images of your valuables to a safe location such as a webmail address, online vault site or your phone, along with a scan of your passport.

3. Make sure you have the receipts for any valuable items that you take on your travels.

4. Once you’ve packed your bag, check the value of items against your insurance policy. If you need to increase your coverage, call your travel insurer and let them know before you depart.  We checked our personal home valuables cover and found our specified e-ring and wedding bands were not covered during overseas travel, so check this for yourself and decide if you need extra coverage on your travel insurance.

5. If you buy something expensive while you are travelling, take a photograph and make sure the receipt is stored in a safe location.

6. If you are the victim of a crime during your holiday, make sure you obtain a copy of the local police report.

7. Your travel insurer should provide you with a reverse charges phone number – if you need to make a claim, then contact your insurer while you’re travelling to discuss the next step.

8. Make sure you take your travel insurance policy number with you ideally load it into your mobile phone and send it to your webmail along with any emergency numbers.

9. If you have to make a claim, include copies of all documentation you think may be relevant – the more information that you make available, the easier it is for your insurer to assess your claim.

10. When submitting your claim, make sure that you keep your own copy of all supporting documentation. If you can submit your claim electronically it will expedite the process. Or if you mail your claim, use Registered Post to ensure proof of delivery.

I think there are some excellent tips there and i’ve used some of them to ensure our trip is worry free.