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I’ve been investigating decorations for my cocktail party reception for some time, the key was to incorporate a wedding feel with some colour and fun, without being cheap or cheesy.

My first stop was Etsy, of course.  I had a really good browse through numerous options and this gave me some ideas to take to an interim meet up with the venue function co-ordinator and see how certain decorations would fit in with the venue.  I think it’s really important to ensure that colours, textures and the decorations fit with your venue and overall theme.  You don’t want your venue to feel bare and uninviting, nor do you want to incorporate too much decor and styling to make it feel overdone.

These garland paper flowers from SheShell on Etsy gave me inspiration to decorate my venue with something similar.


My second stop was a paper and stationary shop called Paper Fusion in Mount Hawthorn, situated next door to the salon where I was having my IPL Hair removal treatments, and they decorated their window displays beautifully with garlands and mobiles amongst other gorgeous things.

It was here that I discovered fold out Paper Daisies!

Paper Daisy Wheels

Paper Daisy and Bird Mobile window display at Paper Fusion

They are fantastic and not only do they look amazing and come in awesome colours, they fold out so easily like a fan and fold back in to become a compact flat decoration that’s easy to transport.


I decided to use them initially to decorate a bare concrete wall and glass window on the other side of the stairs leading up to the loft style bar.   This idea changed at our recent final planning visit with the function co-ordinator, we decided it would be too difficult to hang or stick them to concrete so instead we’ve opted to hang them from the open blinds along the main wall and so all these beautiful coloured paper wheels will hang suspended in the open air under the clear blinds.  We’ll group more behind the dessert bar if it works.  I’m leaving the styling part for these until the day, I need to play a bit and see what works best with our setup.

Paper_Daisies_My_Colours2I’ve purchased 6 small and 4 large which could work with this configuration: Small, Small, Large, Small, Large, Large, Small, Large, Small, Small in one long garland, or you could break them into two garlands like in the first picture from SheShell, so they hang intermittently and look more grouped.  They look amazing grouped together at different heights, so I think I may need to pick up a few more to create that look.  I think I may tone down the colours to more purple and white as well and focus more of the coloured ones around the dessert bar to make it stand out.

Paper Fusion in Mount Hawthorn, WA currently retails Small Paper Sunbursts (more like a Medium) for $5.95 and Large for $7.95 each.

Pink Frosting offer a Paper Daisy style (below) in several bright colours retailing for $4.95 each + P&H.

The Party Room offers an array of styles, sizes and colours starting from $4.95 to $6.95 + P&H.

Papier D’Armour also offers a range of Paper Daisies for $6.00 – $8.00 and Sunbursts for $7.00.

If you’re crafty and would like to make something similar of your own, this DIY Paper Wheel Art tutorial from Third Floor Design Studio might help or this DIY Paper Wheels Backdrop from Ruffled blog might be more what you’re after.

Note: Prices may change over time.