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I rang the flower wholesaler this morning and placed my order which is a massive tick on the to do list.

On Friday I spent some time deciding which flowers to use for the cocktail party and working out roughly what’s in season at the moment.  Unfortunately I couldn’t specifically order Dahlias in a certain colour, Tuberose or Queen Anne’s Lace but I was still able to order some Peonies, only Pink is available now, but it’s still great including Peonies which featured in our wedding day flowers.  I was also able to order some pale purple giant Delphinium which featured in our wedding day metal bucket flower arrangements so I’m happy about that as well.

Here’s the ordered list, hopefully they all come through;

Pink Peonies x 2 (Asked for Pale and Hot Pink, no Burgundy, white no longer available to order)
Vendela Roses 60cm (Large head, Pale Champagne Cream colour)
Purple Lissianthus
White Delphinium 40cm
Pale Purple Delphinium Giant
Magnolia foliage/leaves
Gymea leaves

If you’re doing flowers yourself, you need to think about colours, height, design/balance, textures, flowers, foliage/leaves, fillers and extras like the Gymea which I will likely use in some vases like the chalice to cover up the ugly stems.

On Friday morning, I will check out what the wholesalers are offering as well after seeing the flowers and I might buy something extra, a soft filler like baby’s breath/gypso and extra greenery, they might still have the yellow billy buttons, they are so cute.  I’ve chosen to order the flowers on Friday morning to give the Peonies some time to open up.  Saturday’s current forecast is 27 and cloudy so it will probably be humid, which is perfect for opening up peonies but I might have to employ a few tricks to encourage them.

So how does this work in my head?  Well really I’ll leave it mostly until the Friday evening/Saturday morning and design the flowers in the vessels as I go, but I have some ideas about how it will work.  I’ll be picking up the hire items on Friday morning as well, so Friday evening is the best time to start arranging when I have everything I need.

If I feel like something is missing on Friday evening, I can revisit the wholesaler on Saturday morning and because I’ll know better what’s in stock I can decide easily what I need.  I may even visit some favoured flower shops for some different stock.

I’m hiring two glass chalice vases, they are kind of like glass buckets, measuring 25cm high x 17.5 cm wide.  These will feature on the Dessert bar as fairly tall arrangements next to the tall tiers and the ceilings are high so it’s great to use the height with flowers.  I’ll do a separate post on the Dessert bar as soon as I can, but it has a basic purple and white theme.  So I plan to use;

Pale Purple Delphinium Giant (feature flower)
Champagne Cream Vendela Roses
Magnolia foliage/leaves / Maybe Camelia leaves
Maybe White Delphinium 40cm
Maybe Purple Lissianthus
Maybe some Gymea leaves

On the gifts table will be a semi-circle shaped vase about 15cm high with a mix of pink peonies, champagne vendela roses, white delphinium and magnolia leaves.  I have my own little glass vases for single flowers and very small arrangements and they will be grouped together on the gifts table, next to the birdcage and around a white framed set of our wedding pictures which will sit as a backdrop.

There are four little tables for seating, so I will be putting a little green glass IKEA vase with votives on each of the three round ones, probably with a champagne rose/purple lissianthus or single pink peony and the fourth square table will feature a little vase as well.

So roughly in total it will cost me about $120-150 for the flowers, excluding the vase hire and depending on if I buy extra flowers or not.  A florist would easy charge me $500+ for these arrangements (maybe less if I mentioned party instead of wedding, but I doubt it), so I’m saving a lot of money and arranging my own flowers with love and that makes me happy.