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Glossybox is a relatively new concept in Australia but I understand it’s been in the UK for some time.  Basically you subscribe for $14.95 which is debited monthly from your credit card and each month they post you a selection of 5 product mini’s of the latest cosmetics, skincare and haircare products to try.  Read more at Glossybox Aus and Glossybox UK.

I only just picked up my very first Glossybox, it arrived on Thursday last week due to delays, so I’m sure all their subscribers are hoping for their sake that our December Glossyboxes show up before Christmas day.
gb1It was really nice to open this at the end of today because it’s been one of those hard days, traipsing around various places slowly ticking tasks and purchases off my long list.  I arrived home at 4.45pm with a headache and feeling totally exhausted.
gb2First peak inside! Yum Jellybeans!  Beautifully presented, firm board soft feel custom box, very tasteful, the ribbon, the tissue folded and sealed with a sticker, it all adds to the experience and anticipation, great first impression.
gb4Looks interesting.  Straight away I recognise the Bio-Oil and my immediate thought is that isn’t this supposed to be the ‘latest’ products, Bio-Oil has been around for a long time, but I’m okay with this product because I haven’t tried it before and well isn’t that what it’s all about, and that’s what makes this concept so great.

So this is what came in my November Glossybox;

I was happy to see a Mirenesse product, I’ve been wanting to try some of their products.  Unfortunately the colour I received does not suit me, it’s this deep pink burgundy (#5 Hot Kiss – see colour below in last photo) and it’s just not for me so I’ll be passing this product on.  I applied some to my finger and gave my lips a good coating, it feels really nice on and was very moisturising.  I drank a glass of OJ after about 10 minutes and the colour pigment remained however the gloss deteriorated quickly as a I drank.  I would consider buying this product in a more suitable colour.

Keen to try the Essie nail polish, I received a hot iridescent pink called Super Bossa Nova, nice for summer.

I’m looking forward to trialling the remaining products and I’ll post some reviews.  I also received a Jurlique card with a 15% off product offer but the offer ended on the 30th November, shame I only received it at the post office on Thursday 1st December.  Glossybox did advise on Facebook though; “Hi Glossies! We have extended the Voucher to receive 15% store off Jurlique until Xmas. So don’t worry Glossies, you have lots more time to stock up on all your Jurlique favs 🙂 xx”.  There is also an offer from Mirenesse for a free Superlong Gel Mineral Face Colour via Facebook, exclusive to Glossybox but it’s only available to the first 500 entries and the tab is no longer available on the Mirenesse Cosmetics Facebook page, oh well!

gb5First impressions were great, but right now I feel like they need to up the ante in terms of the delivery timeframe and providing more useable/appropriate colours for makeup products.  I can’t use a product properly or offer fair review when it makes me look like i’m getting ready for a Halloween party.   Judging from this girl’s post on You Tube (skip ahead to 04:50 she rambles), they need to have a more targeted questionaire and divide by age range.  I’m after anti-aging products, but she’s not.  I want her Mirenesse Lip gloss colour!  I wonder what questions determined that she received the facial exfoliant and I received the Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil?  Hard to please everyone, but I think there is room for improvement.

So far, I’m looking forward to receiving the December box and I’ll see how it goes in the new year.  The big question for me is if I put the $14.95 towards a beauty product each month, would that be of more value to me than the Glossybox contents, or am I then spending more than I should be.

Standby for December’s offering…