I know it’s been way too long since I’ve posted and well it’s been a slightly hideous start to the year.  I had really hoped to return this year and share all my wonderful wedding and party experience.  There’s lot’s that happened with my husband’s health in January and is still happening and I can’t promise regular posting, but hopefully I can still post every now and again.

I’ve had my dress cleaned, somewhat unsuccessfully I might add.  Surprisingly when we returned from the elopement down south my dress was pristine but after the cocktail party in the city, the edges of the silk underneath the tulle were quite stained and they only managed to considerably fade them.  Apparently it ruins the sheen of the fabric if they over clean it or something and the dry cleaner also lost a crystal from the back of the bodice and accused me of losing it before I brought it in.  I asked if they would spot clean the hem again and he said no.  Not happy with their service at all, very disappointing attitude.  Please avoid Herdsman dry cleaners, I don’t know how they are regarded as the best in the state.  My advice is that you don’t want to worry too much about your dress on the day but you also want to look after it, so try and find your happy balance and deal with whatever comes afterward.  If you seriously plan to sell your wedding dress then you need to research and consider how well the detailing and fabrics can be cleaned post wedding.

We recently made a long weekend trip down south and met with Ros at their photography studio and finally seen all our wedding photos!!!  It was so great to see them all and catch up with Ros.  The photos are so wonderful, she has one of me (below) up in the studio in a screen collage (hard to describe), I feel very privileged!  We have nearly 300 proofs to peruse and whittle down into a precious album, wish me luck with that.  I’m still thinking crazy thoughts about submitting our wedding to a few blogs and magazines to see if anyone’s interested.  I absolutely loved seeing other people’s weddings and reading about their experience and advice and I’d love to do the same.  It’s just finding the time right now and I’d need to engage Ros with the photo selections.

Me - Contos Springs area

Taken around the Contos Springs area.

I also resigned from my old job of 8+ years and started working part-time again in HR for a major global oil & gas company, so that’s been keeping me busy.  After a year off work last year, it’s been great to meet new people and receive a pay cheque again.

We also began searching for a new house to buy in December after the wedding and we really couldn’t find anything we liked, let alone loved and that met our needs.  We decided in February to start looking at land instead and we have just purchased a block and we’re going to build!  So yes, that’s my new project and a somewhat daunting and exciting prospect all rolled into one.  I’m not sure I want to blog about the build at this stage, see how things progress.  I still think about having a ‘proper’ wedding blog and I even came up with a new name I really love for it.

I hope you’ve all been keeping well and flourishing in whatever you’re doing, remember to stay positive and keep moving forward with your dreams.